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AquaBlade® flush

Designed to
look beautiful

  • AquaBlade® Technology has been designed with simple, clean lines and contemporary styling.
  • No unsightly overhanging rim - only the smooth curves of the bowl are visible.
  • 8 out of 10 consumers* preferred the look of the AquaBlade® Technology bowl to standard box rim and rimless toilets.
    *based on research in UK and Italy
Designed to look beautiful


  • AquaBlade® Technology gives a superior flush performance every time.
  • No overhanging rim so water flows from the very top of the bowl, therefore, 95% of the area below is rinsed clean.
  • Integral channel creates a pressurised cascade of water which flows around the bowl.
  • 2 strong jets merge to form a powerful plume that drives away solid matter effortlessly.


AquaBlade® Technology outperforms all existing toilets in terms of hygiene.

  • Traditional toilets leave a significant area of the bowl unwashed particularly at the back of the bowl. AquaBlade® Technology ensures 100% of the surface area below the channel is rinsed clean.
  • Rimless toilets can harbour bacteria around the shelf area and water can often splash over the edge of the bowl. This causes bacteria particles to be released into the air.
  • AquaBlade® Technology ensures bacteria are washed clean away with no unhygienic splashing.
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With traditional box rim toilets, approximately 20% of the bowl is unwashed.

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AquaBlade® Technology ensures 95% of the surface area below the channel is rinsed clean.

Easier to clean

Easier to clean

  • AquaBlade® Technology makes cleaning the bowl much easier than other toilets.
  • Smooth gently curved surface.
  • No overhanging rim.
  • Can be wiped with minimum effort.


New Tonic II AquaBlade®

The beautiful clean lines and soft curves of the Tonic II range offer the very latest in contemporary styling. Select the toilet that best suits your requirements, from
close-coupled, back-to-wall or wall-hung models and know that you’re getting the best aesthetic and flushing performance.

  • Tonic II AquaBlade® Wall-hung

    Available from July 2015
  • Tonic II AquaBlade® Close-couple back to wall bowl

    Available from July 2015
  • Tonic II AquaBlade® Close-couple open back to wall bowl

    Available from July 2015
  • Tonic II AquaBlade® Floor-standing

    Available from July 2015
New DEA AquaBlade®

Curved yet controlled, inviting yet elegantly poised, Dea’s forward looking design delivers the ideal combination of premium quality with beautiful aesthetics. The wall-hung Dea toilet with AquaBlade® Technology offers a neat aesthetic solution with exceptional functionality.

  • DEA AquaBlade®

    Available from July 2015
Concept Products

Concept WC’s Follow the form of all Concept items to help give your bathroom a smooth harmonious flow.But they’re also ultimately practical and now with the revolutionary Aquablade ® Technology.

  • Concept Aquablade ® Close Coupled WC Pan - E882901

    Available Now
  • Concept Aquablade ® Close Coupled /Back to wall WC Pan - E822801

    Available Now
  • Concept Aquablade ® Back to Wall WC Pan - E050901

    Available Now
  • Concept Aquablade ® Wall Hung Pan - E047301

    Available Now

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